Mary Ellen Mark

"je ne veux pas être qu'une photo-essayiste, je suis plus intéressée par une images isolée... une que je juge suffisamment bonne pour être présentée seule".

Edward Manchavez & Rusalina Zvyagilskaya, Tottenville Prom, June 16, 2006 An Extra and Crew Members on the Set of Fellini's Satyricon Rome Italy 1969 Liza Minnelli New York City New York 2001 Courtney Chavis&Georgiannia Oswald 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 1993 johnny depp A Alejandro González Iñárritu dirige Cate Blanchett et Brad Pitt dans un petit village marocain pour une scène de BABYLONE Alice Heck et Agnes Nash, 75 ans B Below, Tiny on Pike Street, Seattle Brad Pitt and Cate Blanchett on the Set of Babel Village Near Ouarazazate Morocco 2005 Burning Ghat, Benares, India, 1989 C Central Park, New York City 1967 Christian Bikers, Arizona, 1988 Christina Ricci in her Dressing Room Sleepy Hollow Shepperton Studios Surrey England 1999 Christopher and his kitten Clayton Moore THe Original Lone Ranger Los Angeles 1992 Close Up Director Francis Ford Coppola shelters himself from the driving rain that added to the troubles of an already beleaguered shoot for Apocalypse Now 1979 Dita von Teese Donald Sutherland Relaxes in BathtubThe Day of the Locust Los Angeles California 1974 Dustin Hoffman sneaks up on Lawrence Olivier on the set of John Schlesinger’s Marathon Man (1976) in New York’s Central Park Edgar Bergen and Charlie McCarthy Los Angeles California 1978 Edward Furlong and the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence American Heart Seattle Washington 1991 February 1993 johnny depp Francis Ford Coppola DirectingApocalypse NowPagsanjanPhilippines 1976 Frederico Fellini with Giuseppe Rotunno, Rome, Italy, 1969 Gregory Peck with Two Young Extras Old Gringo Mexico City Mexico 1988 Hands With Tattoo 1976 Heather and Kelsey Dietrick 2002 Henry Miller by Mary Ellen Mark Jack Nicholson Stockard Channing and Warren Beatty on the set of The Fortune in 1974 Jack Nicholson, Candice Bergen, and Art Garfunkel French-kissing on the set of Mike Nichols’s Carnal Knowledge 1971 in Vancouver, Canada James Cagney Relaxes in a Carriage on the Set of Ragtime LondonEngland 1980 Jeff Bridges on the Set of American Heart Seattle Washington 1991 Jeff Gilman and Stacy Spivey McKee Kentucky 1990 Jessica Lange and Dustin Hoffman on Set, Tootsie, Hurley, New York John Belushi Poses for Mugshot, The Blues Brothers, Chicago, Illinois Johnny Depp on the Sleepy Hollow set in England in 1999 Karen Black and Bill Atherton Being Moved to Another Location on the Set of The Day of the Locust Los Angeles California 1974 Las Vegas, 1991 Le Cinéaste Billy Williams vérifie la lumière de Katharine Hepburn dans les bois du New Hampshire sur l'Étang D'or 1981 Luis Bunuel and Fernando Rey on the Set of TristanaToledo Spain 1969 Marlon Brando on the Set of The Missouri Breaks Billings Montana 1975 Marlon Brando on the set of Apocalypse Now Pagsanjan Philippines 1976 Marlon Brando on the set of Apocalypse Now in 1976 Mary Ellen Mark at a workshop in California, 1983 Mary Ellen Mark, Photographer, Rockport, Maine, 1996 Mary Frances Jetant un coup d'oeil 1976 Melanie Griffith with Don Johnson on a break from shooting Night Moves in 1973 Mona and Beth Taking a Shower 1976 Ms Ned and Fred Mitchell, 50 years old Nicole Kidman in Character as Photographer Diane Arbus An Imaginary Portrait of Diane Arbus Steiner Studios Brooklyn New York2005 Nicole Kidman in costume on set Australia Kununurra Australia Pete and Art Beardsley, 44 ans Pieds Attachés En bas du Lit 1976 Portrait Portrait of Mona in Lace ying in Bed 1976 Rat and Mike with a gun Seattle Washington Readying the Horses for the Next TakeFellini's SatyriconRome Italy 1969 Robert Downey Jr Robin, Gail, Mary Ellen, and Mark athome with Poopdeck (1962) Sean Penn in his dressing room for the Broadway production of Slab Boys in 1983 Seen Behind the Scene Dustin Hoffman in “Tootsie” in the dressing room Sigurjón with a captured bee, Öskjuhlíðarskóli, Reykjavik, Iceland 2005 Tabitha & Tiffany Good, 9 years old The Cast of One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest Posing for their Photograph on Location at the Oregon State Hospital SalemOregon 1974 The Prom Series, on view from August 9 to October 26, 2008 The sexual début of an evangelical girl typically occurs just after she turns sixteen Tim Burton prepares for a scene with Paul Giamatti in his remake of Planet of the Apes 2001 Tim Burton with the Severed Head of Jonathan Masbath Shepperton Studios Sleepy Hollow Surrey England 1999 Ward 81, Oregon State Hospital, Salem, Oregon, USA 1976 Woman With Scarred Leg 1976 louie in cape mary ellen mark pére et fils Dallas Texas 1987 what is a father hero